Video game of Thrones mod Seven Kingdoms is concerning Kingdom Come Deliverance

kingdom come deliverance game of thrones mod 1 - Video game of Thrones mod Seven Kingdoms is concerning Kingdom Come Deliverance

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 21 February 2018 12: 39 GMT

Work is well in progress on a Game of Thrones mod for Kingdom Come Deliverance for PC.

The popular Seven Kingdoms mod is being adjusted to Warhorse’s middle ages RPG, with work finished on some early House Stark armour.

The mod wishes to consist of all the significant factions from Game of Thrones. Home Stark, House Lannister, House Tully, House Frey, House Bracken, House Brax, House Blackwood, House Karstark, House Bolton, House Glover, House Whent, House Crakehall, House Lefford and the Brotherhood Without Banners will all be represented.

“The main goal is to recreate an open-world for players to explore during the War of the Five Kings,” state the mod’s developers.

” A primary story-driven project will be developed if the advancement tools support it, and we will not have a concept up until the SDK is launched. Remember this would need a large variety of voice scripters, stars, and animators, possibly extending advancement for a substantial amount of time.”

The Seven Kingdoms mod was last utilized for Attila: Total War however was restricted by buggy custom-made maps and no project.

“The open-world and story-driven aspects of [Kingdom Come Deliverance] are better suited to the Game of Thrones universe, giving us much more potential for new features and gameplay modes. Most importantly, Warhorse Studios stands behind the modding community and has been very vocal about supporting mods,” stated the mod group.

Seven Kingdoms mod

Seven Kingdoms is based upon the Game of Thrones TELEVISION series instead of the books, and in addition to weapons and armour is likewise most likely to include a few of the exact same characters.

“The mod will be centered in the Riverlands during the War of the Five Kings,” detailed the modders. “This place was picked since it carefully looks like the visuals of the KC:D video game (trees, structures, and so on) and is finest fit to the initial video game’s story.

“Dozens of armies were present in this hotly contested area (Stark, Lannister, Tully, Bracken, Karstark, etc.) along with gangs of bandits and freeriders roaming the countryside. With two warring sides, dangerous no-man’s-land, and civilians caught in the middle between it all, it’s a content-rich environment and the ideal location for an open-world mod.”

You can maintain to this day on the Seven Kingdoms mod for Game of Thrones on Twitter.

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