View the Christopher Robin Teaser Trailer and Read Our Interview With Director Marc Forster

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Winnie the Pooh fans, rejoice! Today, the first teaser trailer for Christopher Robin was launched and we are currently feeling all the feelings! View the teaser trailer now:

This is going to be such a gorgeous film, we can inform! We got the possibility to speak with Christopher Robin director Marc Forster about exactly what it’s like to bring this story to the masses. Read our interview listed below.

What drew you to wishing to direct Christopher Robin?

When I heard the principle and concept of the story, I believed I wished to do it. It’s like re-visiting your youth, which was extremely amazing since it’s a cherished character however a genuinely initial principle. It’s not re-telling an old principle because sense. You take the character and put him in an entire brand-new scenario, and I believed that was dazzling … I felt, in the times we reside in, I wish to see something that offers me hope. There’s absolutely nothing much better than getting a hug by Pooh.

How does this analysis of Pooh suit exactly what fans currently learn about him?

I returned and recreated the 1920 s toys, which are extremely well-liked toys. It was extremely important to me that they have a bit of wear and tear, and you seem like they have actually been had fun with and hugged by young Christopher Robin.

What is your history with Winnie the Pooh?

As a lot of, I matured with the stories when I was a kid, so I constantly had this connection, this fond memories. I have a child myself who I want to check out the stories to, and we enjoyed a few of the animations. It’s simply such a renowned character that I’m so in love with, and have this fond memories from when I was a kid.

How do you explain your vision for the Hundred Acre Wood?

It was very important for me that the Hundred Acre Wood is a location that feels genuine since that’s how it was: genuine. We shot extremely near to Milne estate, out where his initial home remained in Suffolk … it simply seems like that’s where Christopher Robin played. It’s not some fantastical location, it ought to seem like the genuine location.

Who’s your preferred character?

It’s absolutely Winnie the Pooh for me.

What can fans anticipate from this Pooh Bear?

I hope that they will be chuckling, be mentally moved … and go out and state “I’m so happy that Pooh is back!” It’s a re-introduction of Pooh for an entire brand-new generation.

What are you most thrilled for individuals to see?

Pooh and Christopher Robin’s relationship and journey. I believe that journey and relationship is beautiful and so valuable and terrific, I cannot await individuals to see them.

We cannot wait to see them either! Christopher Robin will remain in theaters August 3,2018 Check out the cast here!

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