Voltron season 5 trailer teases the Paladins’ ‘handle the devil’

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The war versus the Galra Empire will continue when Voltron: Legendary Defender returns for season 5– however Team Voltron and the disobedience might have discovered themselves a brand-new ally in disgraced Prince Lotor (A.J. Locascio), a.k.a. their opponent for the previous couple of seasons.

EW can solely debut the trailer for the 5th season of the Netflix animated series, which teases Team Voltron’s rare brand-new relationship with Lotor. In case you forgot, season 4 ended with Lotor pertaining to Voltron’s help in their fight versus the wicked witch Haggar (Cree Summer) and informing the Paladins it was time for them to talk. When the brand-new season gets, the Paladins are still not sure whether they can trust him; nevertheless, Lotor does supply them with intel that assists them free more rebels.

“This whole thing is like making a deal with the devil,” states Lance (Jeremy Shada) in the trailer, which you can view above.

Ahead of the brand-new season, EW gotten on the phone with showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery to sneak peek exactly what’s in shop.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Season 4 ended with Lotor informing the Paladins that it’s time for them to have a conversation. When the brand-new season starts, have Lotor and the Paladins formed an anxious alliance?
LAUREN MONTGOMERY: I believe it’s reasonable to state that we discover them type of questioning whether an alliance is even a possibility. Who truly wishes to go complete in and rely on the Galra? If you make the incorrect choice, there’s so much on the line. [the Paladins] are really reluctant.
JOAQUIM DOS SANTOS: They’re playing it thoroughly, and I believe it’s about as much of an olive branch as we might’ve received from 2 groups on absolutely opposite ends of the field there.


Lotor and Allura (Kimberly Brooks) will come face to deal with for the very first time ever. Exactly what is their preliminary conference like?
MONTGOMERY: They begin constructing out! [ chuckles]
DOS SANTOS: [ chuckles] I believe it’s about as tense as that circumstance can be. Consider the journey that Allura has actually currently taken with the Galra approximately this point. This either reignites some things or it sort of furthers that journey that she needs to go on. That, to me, was most likely the most intriguing minute of this upcoming season– seeing how the 2 would respond to one another.

In the trailer, Zarkon (Neil Kaplan) reveals “the dawn of a new age of warfare.” What can we anticipate from that?
MONTGOMERY: That’s some expensive words in the trailer [ chuckles] Essentially Zarkon, with the return of his child, now needs to type of take it to the next level. He’s currently revealed his child is an opponent of the empire, so you may have disputes developing within the Galra Empire due to the fact that of that. It’s an entire other level of warfare.
DOS SANTOS: It’s an entire other level of intricacy when it pertains to exactly what we when considered as an extremely one-sided wicked empire. It tosses a wrench into that entire circumstance. Zarkon, when you truly simplify, was type of simply unwinding for 10,000 years. Not unwinding, I suggest, he was doing terrible things, however he had his method with deep space. Now he’s quite in play once again and active at leading the empire.


Since the war is ending up being more complex, would you state this brand-new season is darker than previous ones? Where are we tonally?
MONTGOMERY: I believe it’s absolutely entering the greater stakes and some major things, however we constantly aim to stroll that line of having the major things however likewise keeping a bit of the enjoyable and the levity. We never ever wish to go simply complete downer 100 percent of the time. We attempt to discover minutes to kind of bring it back up if our story is getting extreme and truly dark.
DOS SANTOS: At the end of the day, there’s absolutely all the drama and all of the pathos and things that we wish to put in there, however there’s likewise this wish-fulfillment of being a Paladin, and that these ladies and men are absolutely still teens at heart. There’s a lots of enjoyable to be had, so we aim to ride that light.

Season 4 likewise had the spirited “Voltron Show” episode. Can we anticipate another ridiculous installation like that in the brand-new season?
MONTGOMERY: I’m not sure if there’s one in this batch, however we will never ever desert our ridiculous episodes. They’ll turn up every when in a while, however I’m having trouble remembering the precise episodes we’ve got showing up. As soon as and a while and simply have some enjoyable with the characters, we constantly like to take a break every. Those episodes aren’t disappearing.
DOS SANTOS: I will state that the other thing we attempted to achieve particularly with that episode, aside from putting out for everybody to see exactly what enters into the decision-making procedure in choosing the leader and all that, is that we in fact had the ability to, without in fact revealing it on screen, reveal the Voltron union getting in numbers. That was both an extremely major thing that pertains to the stakes of the story, however likewise from a production viewpoint, we didn’t need to style 50 million brand-new spaceships and brand-new characters and worlds and things. We got to sort of see this graphic and see Coran taking a look at it wildly. We made clear an extremely major element of the story through an uproarious bundle.


Season 4 ended with Voltron getting a quite huge triumph in this war by reclaiming a 3rd of the empire. When we return, are they feeling a bit more positive with that current triumph?
MONTGOMERY: I believe it provides a bit of a pick-up in their ethical department, however they still have this issue that Zarkon has actually returned. With Zarkon being away and Lotor can be found in, the Galra Empire was a bit more chaotic and scattered, which provided the benefit and the capability to reclaim this 3rd. Now Zarkon’s back, so they may be feeling terrific about it now, however they understand they have a big battle ahead of them and their most difficult rival is back up on his feet. It’s absolutely something that’s still weighing on their minds.

The whole 5th season Voltron: Legendary Defender will be offered March 2 on Netflix. Dos Santos and Montgomery, style manager Christine Bian, and star Josh Keaton will reveal a unique preview at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle on March 1.

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