We Sincerely Hope That Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Trot Out a Prince Hologram for His Super Bowl Halftime Show

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We have no idea who is recommending Justin Timberlake on his profession relocations, however whomever it is, they’re screwing up once again.

This time, word is that he will be utilizing a hologram of Prince throughout his Super Bowl halftime program due to the fact that the huge video game is occurring in Minneapolis, the Purple One’s home town.

Folks are currently up in arms over this little news, consisting of The Glow Up’s Maiysha Kai, a Minneapolis local who firmly insists that Timberlake is a regular black-appropriation line-stepper.

“This dude has taken commodifying black artistry and imagery to inexcusable levels,” states Kai. “Repeatedly.”


And then, “Is he going to pull Prince’s holographic shirt off, too?”

According to TMZ, the halftime program will include a hologram of Prince, who did the Super Bowl Halftime program in2007 Pitchfork reports Prince’s sibling drifted the concept of a hologram for the Super Bowl last April. Numerous fans firmly insist that the icon never ever desired to be a hologram.

Family or no, Twitter (and folks on this group) ain’t feeling it.




And on that note, this is exactly what folks envision Prince needs to state about JT carrying out with him:

Or, Little young boy, do not you attempt envision you deserve the exact same phase as Prince. Evah.


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