Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Have a Surprise Pregnancy When It Returns in 2019?

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Pregnancy can be a quite heavy problem for a program. Some programs head out their method to cover it up while others make it a main plot point. When it comes to one returning series, anticipate to see a minimum of one character to be pregnant with more than simply feeling. And it appears like inning accordance with TELEVISION Line, that reveal is Game of Thrones:

Rumor has it an extremely popular, Emmy-winning series on a premium cable television network is outlining a pregnancy twist that guarantees to be … unexpected is an understatement. The strategy– which, as constantly, goes through alter– is for the character’s child bump to be revealed when the program in concern makes its awaited return in (ugh) 2019.

“Wildly popular”, “Emmy-winning”, and “anticipated return in 2019” and it’s tough to consider other program that fits that description besides Big Little Lies, however Game of Thrones simply seems like the most likely prospect. Who’s the pregnant character? In the story of the program, Cersei informed Jamie in the Season 7 ending that she was pregnant, however it’s possible that another character on the program might be pregnant. It might be Daenerys, which would be stunning because she’s expected to be barren, oh as well as it would be an incest child because the dad is unquestionably Jon Snow.

The concern then ends up being how well can the showrunners compose the pregnancy into the program. It’s a little bit of a difficulty, specifically as Game of Thrones reaches its endgame, however the program has actually never ever withdrawed on ways to shock or surprise its audiences. It’s not a program that’s scared of “going there” when it comes to putting pregnant females in risk or even straight-out eliminating them as we saw at the Red Wedding. Simply due to the fact that your preferred character is now with kid, that does not suggest they’re going to make it to the end of the series.

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