You Guys Are Really Pissed About Kylie Jenner’s Nails, Huh

jcbazpzt4kfil4ccugtu - You Guys Are Really Pissed About Kylie Jenner's Nails, Huh

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In the current installation of “what you motherfuckers mad about today?” a Cardi B tweet which should have an area on VH1, we have: the mom-shaming of the Kardashian Jenner household. The problem at stake, Kylie Jenner’s fingernails, was pointed out in this early morning’s Dirt Bag, however inning accordance with you motherfuckers, it should have comprehensive analysis, so let’s talk about.

The story stemmed on Friday, when Jenner shared an image holding her infant captioned “my angel baby is 1 month old today”.

And it drizzled haterade.

The tribunal of haters rages due to the fact that there’s no other way she might alter a diaper without getting poop under her two-inch acrylic nails, so the Kardashian-Jenner homes are either hotbeds of cholera and pinkeye, or she’s not altering those diapers. Either method, now People, United States Weekly, and the Hollywood Gossip have actually emerged with round-ups of tweets, so it’s now a thing, which I do not wish to provide the time of day (Kylie does not). It’s getting to Khloe recently, who’s likewise hearing the very same ruthless full-throated BOOOOs of mom-shamers. Her cradling bugs them, reports the HuffPost. They are vexed by her choice to take a trip to Japan, reports United States Weekly. Her exercises drive them mad, reports E! News.


Kim, for one, has actually had it up to here with basic hate, and her finest reply recently was to eliminate hater reports that her pink hair is a wig.


Get the fuck outta here with that wig shit, she stated on Snapchat.


Next installation: ARE THE GLASSES FAKE???? Haters talk about.

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