You Might Actually Scream Watching This Clip Of Donald Trump’s Hair

donald trump nasty wind blowing wig off  oPt - You Might Actually Scream Watching This Clip Of Donald Trump's Hair

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Well, this is upsetting.

Donald Trump has actually long declared he does not use a wig, hairpiece, or anything of the sort; that his wiry locks of hay are 100% au naturel. This week, a slightly strong gust of wind lastly blew his cover– or, more precisely, the back piece of his hair.

The video, shot previously this month, reveals the President boarding Air Force One when his hair actually came unglued thanks to nature.

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Twitter responded with equivalent parts scary and hysterics to seeing Trump’s sickly pale scalp lastly devoid of its mangy jail.

See the terrible sight on your own (listed below), in addition to the disrupted responses:

For the record, it’s incredibly mean and shallow to make enjoyable of somebody’s absence of hair. As the following user points out:


If we ought to laugh or make a contribution,

We’re not sure.

[ Image through C-SPAN/YouTube]

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